Friday, June 17, 2016

Electrical working safety ensure

Electrical working safety ensure  read this instruction carefully when setup running and upkeep keeping up  of move  and checking power framework controller. Each electrical and electronic instruction partitions safety alerts into Danger and Warning exceptional consideration of each images their related substance. demonstrates mistaken operation, when you working mix-up something reason demise or genuine harm to your life shows off base operation which can result in faculty damage or AC or DC voltage mechanical framework
deficiency, as dictated by distinctive circumstances the alert issues may prompt genuine result. The figures in this instruction are for accommodation with each portrayals they may have slight contrasts contrasted with the items.
Air conditioning Motor Wiring and Junction  Let the wires bear weight or be
braced may harm the wires and reason an electric stun. Do not introduce the stage moving capacitor  surge absorber or clamor channel in yield terminal of AC engine speed controller generally may cause AC engine speed controller deficiency. Do not introduce switch gadgets in the yield terminal of AC engine speed controller for example the air switch and contractor. In the event that it is for technology interest, please ensure that AC engine speed controller is exchanging without yield. Please wire independently power wire and control wire for counteracting impedance.
When you transmission 3 Phase supply line want to ac motor speed controller ensure the cable color ( read, yellow, blue, X Y Z, U V W,  signal connected properly,
otherwise it may cause AC motor speed controller damaged. _ Please ensure all of the parameters are set correctly before  running. _ Before running, please ensure machine not to damage running equipment. It is recommended to take running with idle load.  Please provide an emergency stop switch when stop function setting is unavailable.  Do not use electromagnetic contractor to start up and shut down AC motor speed controller, otherwise it may affect the life of AC motor speed controller..