Monday, June 13, 2016

Engineering Technique

Dear electronic engineer and technician when you working electronic project and circuit need some transistor data sheet. We given most useful 2N transistor Group most important some data, when you filling come our website this website you get better help working solution. Easily get everything and download also free. Pleas see under some transistor how to working. Can you know easily whit every transistor have different value, voltage current, watt, and frequency, only Hz, kilo Hz, mega Hz.
How to find out transistor have many more transistor very easy have option open your web page now your keyboard press Ctrl+F what type text your find write click find see your everything list.

2N109 - GE-P 35V 0.15A 0.165W |  2N1304 - GE-N 25V 0.3A 0.15W 10MHz |   2N1305 - GE-P 30V 0.3A 0.15W 5MHz|  2N1307 -GE-P 30V 0.3A 0.15W B>60 |  2N1613 -SI-N 75V 1A 0.8W 60MHz  | 2N1711-SI-N 75V 1A 0.8W 70MHz |     2N1893-SI-N 120V 0.5A 0.8W | 2N2102-SI-N 120V 1A 1W <120MHz |    2N2148 - GE-P 60V 5A 12.5W  | 2N2165 -SI-P 30V 50mA 0.15W 18MHz |  2N2166 -SI-P 15V 50mA 0.15W 10MHz | 2N2219A-SI-N 40V 0.8A 0.8W 250MHz  |2N2222A - SI-N 40V 0.8A 0.5W 300MHz |  2N2223 -2xSI-N 100V 0.5A 0.6W >50| 2N2223A - 2xSI-N 100V 0.5A 0.6W>50  | 2N2243A - SI-N 120V 1A 0.8W 50MHz |2N2369A -SI-N 40V 0.2A .36W 12/18ns | 2N2857-SI-N 30V 40mA 0.2W >1GHz|  2N2894-SI-P 12V 0.2A 1.2W 60/90ns  |  2N2905A - SI-P 60V 0.6A0.6W 45/100|   2N2906A -SI-P 60V 0.6A 0.4W 45/100 | 2N2907A -SI-P 60V 0.6A 0.4W 45/100|   2N2917-SI-N 45V 0.03A >60Mz|    2N2926 - SI-N 25V 0.1A 0.2W 300MHz|   2N2955- GE-P 40V 0.1A 0.15W 200MHz | 2N3019- SI-N 140V 1A 0.8W 100MHz| 2N3053 - SI-N 60V 0.7A 5W 100MHz  | 2N3054 - SI-N 90V 4A 25W 3MHz|  2N3055 - SI-N 100V 15A 115W 800kHz  | 2N3055-SI-N 100V 15A115W 800kHz|   2N3055H-SI-N 100V 15A 115W 800kHz |  2N3251- SI-P 50V 0.2A 0.36W|  2N3375-SI-N 40V 0.5A 11.6W 500MHz    | 2N3439- SI-N 450V 1A 10W 15MHz|  2N3440-SI-N 300V 1A 10W 15MHz |  2N3441- SI-N 160V 3A 25W POWER| 2N3442-SI-N 160V 10A 117W 0.8MH|  2N3495-SI-P 120V 0.1A0.6W >150MHz |2N350-SI-P 45V 0.6A 0.7W 200MHz | 2N3553- SI-N 65V 0.35A 7W 500MHz| 2N3571-SI-N 30V 0.05A 0.2W 1.4GHz | 2N3583- SI-N 250/175V 2A 35W >10MHz| 2N3632-SI-N 40V 0.25A 23W 400MHz  | 2N3646-SI-N 40V 0.2A 0.2W. Next time coming more 2N more transistors always keep with our website    

Transistors might be viewed as a sort of switch, as can numerous electronic parts. They are utilized as a part of a mixture of circuits and you will uncover that it is extraordinary that a circuit inherent a school Engineering Branch does not hold no less than one transistor. They are fundamental to hardware and there are two principle sorts; NPN and PNP. Most circuits have a tendency to utilize NPN. There are several transistors which work at diverse voltages yet every last one of them succumb to these two classes.